Living Room – McKinney, TX

Location: McKinney, TX

Designer Credits: Dee Frazier

Project Overview:

Jason and Valerie are a couple to spend of lot of time with their children – 7 and 10 years of age.  They had a living room and dining room space that they wanted to create a space that could be used for family functions or for entertaining guest.  Their current space had very traditional furniture that was given to them by family members.  They did not need such formal furniture in their space.  They did not need storage for china in the dining room since they had a butler’s pantry and did not own any china.

They challenged me to create a pace that they could use for creating crafts, playing board games, read, and listen to music.  They did not want to keep any of the current pieces in the dining room.  This truly gave me a clean slate to work with.

Jason and Valerie are so much fun and have a real excitement that is contagious!

Living Room – McKinney, TX